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of north carolina. not anymore, at least. watch this race over the next days or weeks. republicans thought they pecked the perfect guy with tom tillis, these two clips have surfaced sense they picked him for this nomination. what else is out there that hasn't come out. first look is up next. good wednesday morning, everyone. right now on "first look". >> it's important for us to send a message to the world that when americans are attacked, no matter how long it takes, we will find those responsible and we will bring them to justice. >> the arrest of a senior terrorist leader linked to the benghazi attack that killed four americans, the latest detail this is morning. new nbc news/wall street journal polls on president obama's handling of overseas matters. and do americans to want see hillary clinton in the white house. and a late night phone call leading to a cease fire in raush
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and ukraine? and massive flooding in the midwest, and a dangerous accident caught on camera. hello. i'm betty. they got their man, abu khattala has been apprehended for the killing of four americans in benghazi, including u.s. ambassador chris stevens. we have the latest. >> reporter: nearly two years after the attack that killed three americans, the president in pittsburgh took a victory lap. >> it's important for us to send a message to the world that when americans are attacked, no matter how long it takes, we will find those responsible and we will bring them to justice. >> reporter: the operation, planned for months, was carried out late sunday night near benghazi. what took so so long? weeks after the attack, he was interviewed in benghazi.
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>> he's really not that difficult to find. >> reporter: we met with him in public at the coffee shop of a well-known hotel lobby for around two hours. >> reporter: the administration's leading critics want answers how it happened. >> we know where he was, he's been television interviews. we could have taken him any time, six months ago. >> reporter: keeping the pressure on hillary clinton who can't shake it. criticized by the distraught mother of sean smith. one of the men killed. >> my son is dead. she can stand up and say, it was my fault. i blew it. i'm sorry, i blew it. that's the kind of person i do not want to be president, ever. >> i can see why she and others are inconsolable. there have been, as you know, a number of investigations, including the independent one
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that the state department commissioned as well as many in congress. there are answers, not all of them, not enough, frankly. i'm still looking for answers because it was a confusing and difficult time. >> that was andrea mitchell reporting. president obama will meet with four top congressional leaders today to discuss the iraq price. the obama administration is shifting the focus away from air strikes. meanwhile, the iraqi prime minister has sacked several of his top security commanders for failing to stop the onslaught of islamic militants. and tracy joins us with more. what course of action is the president expected to take? >> we're waiting to find out as things get worse in baghdad. just this morning, more evidence that this situation is getting closer to the capital. there are reports that the largest oil refinery in iraq has been taken over by the militants as they move in on baghdad. >> the majority leader.
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>> reporter: top democrats and republicans are coming to the white house today to hear how president obama plans to deal with sunni militants trying to take over iraq. >> the president must strategy a plan. and address the threat. >> the challenge is what is in our interest? what are the consequences to us? >> reporter: the militant group isis is believed to control six cities in iraq and fighting for six more. >> reports now they have two helicopters. this is an al-qaeda army on the move. >> reporter: before authorizing air strikes, president obama is pressing iraq's prime minister to make his government more inclusive. >> i'm not convinced he's going change his stripes. he's proven to be an unrequited shi'ite dictator. >> reporter: they have
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identified cold-blooded executions of iraqi soldiers shown in the video. now the fight is getting closer to baghdad. they said they have killed more than four dozen of the militants close to baghdad. but as i noted and learned this morning, they are getting the upper hand in some areas. that oil refinery not far from baghdad as all. just north of the city. >> thank you for that report, tracy potts. could a late night phone call lead to a peaceful resolution in the ukraine? vladimir putin spoke with petro por shen skoe on the phone on tuesday. they spoke about a possible cease fire in european ukraine. the ukrainian government battled months of attacks from pro-russian forces across the southeast of the country. three executions in 24 hours.
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convicted georgia killer given a lethal injection, and apologized to the family of the teenager he murdered. his execution was the first since the lethal injection of an oklahoma inmate went wrong in november. and john winfield was executed. and a third prisoner will be put to death in florida tonight despite claims he is mentally ill and intellectually disabled. a new poll has the latest approval ratings for president obama and hillary clinton. just 37% of americans approve of the president's handling the foreign policy issues. that is an all-time low in the survey. meanwhile, the poll also shows americans are split over whether they want to see hillary clinton in the white house. 38% of registered voters said they would probably vote for her. you can see the poll on nbc
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and a terrifying accident caught on camera. look at this, a jeep slams into a trailer on the side of the road, and then as you see right there, it flips into the air. the incident took place tuesday on interstate 70 just outside of topeka, kansas. one hospitalized with unspecified injuries. and it was reported for erratic driving. and sports action with the dangerous richard lui. >> because i can't drive? >> it's not so great. >> i'm pretty good. watching the world cup, keeping me up all night. another scoreless draw, host team brazil had them in a frenzy, but mexico's goal keeper created the buzz. >> and danny now, and he brings it down, and another save! >> goalie ochoa with that
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awesome haircut that everyone is going to want. big saves. it was a keeper's night. nobody got the ball into the goal. nil-nil is what it finished. and south korea had a goalie mishap. hands on the ball, whoops. bounces off him. >> hate when that happens. >> every time i'm a goal keeper too. and russia's response. algeria/belgium, forcing belgium to play from behind. that did not scare our favorite european beer-making country. they net two goals in the final 20 minutes. they win 2-1. let's have some ale. and outside the stadium, hundreds up a wobbling staircase. >> that's frightening. especially considering the history of the problems in the stadium. >> yes, and the leadup, several workers dying making the
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stadiums. that will be over $12 million, please. the cleveland browns have a four-year deal with rookie quarterback johnny manziel. saying that's 8.3 base with signing bonus of 4.4 million. >> nice. >> not bad. he will fight for the starting quarterback job against brian moyer who makes half what he does. now watch this. >> a fly ball to left field, playable for gomes out there. caught by holt on center. >> he doesn't see it, but holt does. makes his debut with the that diving catch. >> what a beauty. >> and second in the series against minnesota. win 2-1. and out of the middle of nowhere, like when folks. >> we're all waiting for it to come down and it's not close.
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thank you. in iowa, several cities dealing with major flooding. governor tare brand stand issued a disaster proclamation for five counties and touring the storm damage today. and the rest was country -- >> iowa, nebraska, hit two days in a row. and a big tornado here, brushing by the town. another small, rural farming town. look at size of the tornado. a wedge tornado, probably a quarter mile wide. it did significant damage on the north end of the town. blocked by the police, not allowing anyone in or out. probably get more details at sunrise about the damage. look at that thing, impressive. let's talk about what else we're dealing, 32 tornado reports. iowa and nebraska. and upstate new york, a lot of
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storms. and a lot of lightning with the storms in detroit, and grand rapids. milwaukee, just to the north. and additional storms later today. everywhere in yellow, a slight risk of severe weather, 65 million people, and southern great lakes, and back in the central plains where they have been hit so hard the last couple days. and we also have the last day of our heat wave in the mid atlanta. 96 in d.c., upper 90s in the carolinas. they will want the storms to cool them off. >> not tornados. >> not tornados, but the downpours will help. hillary clinton weighs in on legalizing marijuana, general colin powell on iraq. and how to turn one cent into over $9 million. i make a lot of purchases for my business.
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like to dress you up with hats in the shape of an elongated bucket hat and matching shoe laces. neon coats and bags complete the look for spring 2015. not sure this is going to catch on, now in the know. a new survey shows mcdonald's is america's least-favorite fast food chain. but papa john's, miss why hut, and little ceasars were the most satisfying. check it out, a rare one cent stamp set a new world record, selling for $9.5 million at auction. the 1856 stamp is the only one of its kind. stories making news in morning. crews battling a wildfire on the new mexico border. burning 19 square miles in two
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days. smoke snmothering the areas. and threatening navajo grazing lands. instead of evacuating, many are looking for their livestock. hillary clinton supports the use of medical marijuana. she backed the use of pot under circumstances of, quote, extreme medical conditions. as for recreational weed, she wants to see how it goes in states where it's legal. remember the california mayor who threw dog pop on to a political opponent's lawn? he has resigned. he stepped down after outcry from the people of san marino. he will remain on the city council. you're watching first look on msnbc. coming up, scrambled politics.
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all right. now here is your humpday look at the scrambled politics. a bill that would have made california the first state to put warning labels on sugary drinks has gone flat. the bill would have required labels on soda and other sugary drinks warning people about the health dangers. it's rob ford the musical. no joke, toronto was full of look alikes yesterday all trying to play the mayor in the story about his life. and jay carney held his final gaggle with reporters on
2:20 am
air force one tuesday, during his last official trip with president obama, he briefed the press on the capture of a key figure in the attacks in benghazi, libya. and colin powell is traveling in japan today. and had to say about the situation in iraq. >> we both expressed our concern about the situation in iraq, and we are hopeful that the situation cab found or at least the offensive can be stopped and checked so that diplomatic procedures can be used to solve this problem. and we hope that the violence does not continue, and the prime minister is concerned with that. >> in 2003, he presentationed the bush administration's position that they had weapons of mass destruction and saddam hussein should be removed. that's scramble ed politics. >> i'm joined by ed o'keefe.
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good morning. >> good morning. >> and while you were sleeping, the presidents of ukraine and russia discussed a possible cease fire. how much stock can we put in this since previous talks have brought no results? >> that's just the thing. there's been talk about this over the last few months a few times wi s and it hasn't panned. this time more specifically from petro por shen co, the new ukrainian president. he's mulling a new unilateral ceasefire. and if you're the u.s., over at the state department or white house monitoring the crises, you'd like to see this one sort itself out with the other problems. but like you said, this is a tricky situation. there is progress diplomatically. and more military action along the border. wait and see. >> back at home, meanwhile, it's now reported that the irs lost tens of thousands of e-mails
2:22 am
sought by congress in the investigation into weather the agency unfairly scrutinized conservative groups how do you lose so many e-mails? >> very simple. most of these federal agencies don't have very advanced computer systems. and in the case of the irs, it was only recently they began archiving beyond six months. they have been telling reporters that have been mulling -- look, my computer crashed all the time. we weren't able to necessarily maintain records. that doesn't mean that's what happened. there's the potential that something sinister went down as this went down, but more than likely having covered federal agencies and seeing how they interact with congress, it is probable that this federal agency like others doesn't have the money or the bandwidth to deal with this type of technological problem. the computer crashes and the e-mails are gone. there's a lot of e-mails tied to
2:23 am
her that have been found among other colleagues because they were cc'd or sent to them. they might be able to salvage some of her record. this is a scandal that just won't go away. >> okay. ed, thanks so much for your insight today. we appreciate it. >> take care. >> you too. and tsa tweets that will amaze. and one of the hottest videos on the web. bill and richard join me after the break. ♪ country. thank you for your sacrifice and thank you for your bravery. thank you colonel. thank you daddy. military families are uniquely thankful for many things, the legacy of usaa auto insurance can be one of them. if you're a current or former military member or their family, get an auto insurance quote and see why 92% of our members plan to stay for life.
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all right. time for first buzz. i'm joined by bill and richard today. we have good stuff. i want to the start with twitter, because we all have
2:27 am
twitter accounts, right? >> yes ma'am. >> it you don't folt tsa, you should. look at the tweets, warnings, yet hilarious too. this is the most illegal app we could think of, and about four knives too many. and this one says please leave your karate kid dreams at home. can you believe people bring this on planes? and 80 pounds of how did you think this was going to end well? and i love this one, yep, firearms are still a no. whatnot to bring to the airport. >> it has reached point you're following the tsa. >> i want to see the lost and found for laguardia airport. >> no doubt. the hottest video on the web is really cool. >> these guys and the illusion. okay, go. remember the treadmill video from 2006 they were famous for. they released a new video, 1 million hits in one day, and a
2:28 am
ton of optical illusions. the song is called "the writings on the wall." here's an example. starts simple. this is one of the school illusions. hard to tell what boxes are there and aren't. they did it in one take. it goes on. it's very elaborate, one take. >> i wonder how many tries they have had for that, though? it was amazing. i was watching it a second ago. >> not done with computers. >> this happened in real time, one take. what's pepsi going to do with this? >> pepsi has got a promotional video. the world cup, and show tricks. they put a four inch mat on an outdoor field and brought in the equivalent of football globe trat e
2:29 am
trotters, and the mat is soft. it's about four to five inches thick. >> those are amazing tricks there. >> we see that on the pitch. bam. >> he said pitch. he is trending with the soccer. >> you're too hip for us, richard. thanks for watching, everybody. "way too early" with thomas roberts starts right now. it's important for us to send a message to the world that when americans are attacked, no matter how long it takes, we will find those responsible and we will bring them to justice. >> a benghazi terror suspect is in u.s. military custody. but after nearly two years in the investigation, is this single suspect the lynch pin to what happened in libya. hillary clinton on the book tour, but cautious optimism about the hunt for facts. and dr. oz, a grilling on capitol hill about his support
2:30 am
for sketchy weight products. why his doctor's orders are being inspected. this is "way too early." hey, there, everybody. i'm thomas roberts. it's wednesday, june 18th, and welcome to "way too early," the show with premature vacation brain. the floor crew can attest to my vacation brain in full affect. and leading the a-block. the deadly attack in benghazi, and one of the suspected ring leaders is now in u.s. custody. u.s. special forces carried out a raid over the weekend. about two dozen military agents were involved after months of planning, ahmed abu khattala was taken to new york to be questioned. he is suspected of being linked to the militant group. and he is facing trial in the united states and could be put

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